Stage 24: Personalizing Walls and Adding Braces

Here we are...still contemplating those damn wainscotting walls...but the great thing about a project like this is that we had so much to do, we could float onto other projects while we contemplated others. Sometimes it is best ot just clear your brain and move onto something else and then....the idea will come to you:) … Continue reading Stage 24: Personalizing Walls and Adding Braces


Stage 22: What We Thought Was Next- Hanging Walls

So if you couldn’t tell by the title, we messed this step up. Not really messed it up, but just did the work and realized it was not going to work in the long game. We thought covering the walls was next. We bought some wainscotting panels and cut and.. Then we hung it up … Continue reading Stage 22: What We Thought Was Next- Hanging Walls

Stage 21: Installing External Storage Boxes Part 1

Living Tiny means there is no room for hoarding. Even after selling a majority of our stuff and moving in with a room mate (meaning we have what we need), it still seems like we needed some extra places to store things like camping gear, tools, books, out of season clothes, etc. since we will … Continue reading Stage 21: Installing External Storage Boxes Part 1

Stage 20: New Windshield & RV Ladder

We ended up getting a big nasty crack in the windshield. I think it was due to the rubber around the windshield being stuck behind in the glass in some places causing pressure points in the glass. Either way, our friend was friends with a glass guy, Lucky Us! Thanks Jim! So he came out … Continue reading Stage 20: New Windshield & RV Ladder

Stage 19: Floor Prep 2- Laying PLywood

After the insulation job was done, we moved onto laying the plywood down! More construction and building up! Again to save on head room we went with 3/4" plywood..or possibly a little thinner than that. We used wood screws, finally, to screw the pieces into the wood furring strips. The hardest part was cutting around … Continue reading Stage 19: Floor Prep 2- Laying PLywood

Stage 18: Spray Foam Insulation

The moment had finally arrived! We were about to spray foam the bus. That meant that the electrical for the bus was done, the metal prep work was done, and the furring strips were laid. I can not begin to explain how excited I was that Chitty bang was no longer looking like an old … Continue reading Stage 18: Spray Foam Insulation

Stage 17: Flooring Prep 1

After moving to West Texas and all of the dirty bus electrical we cleaned out, it was time we cleaned Chitty Bang again. We were also ready to start building!! What...what is that I said? YES! No more Demo! We are constructing things now! Well almost.....first things first:) First, the girls and I cleaned...again.. Next, … Continue reading Stage 17: Flooring Prep 1

Stage 16: Covering Windows/Lights/Etc.

This part of the project was the first time we ever cut metal this thick and used an air rivet gun to rivet steel to something..more specifically, a bus:) We started off early in the project (same time we were figuring our our bus electrical) with covering 4 windows (2 emergency windows on either side … Continue reading Stage 16: Covering Windows/Lights/Etc.