Why I am a Thrift Shop Junkie

I used to never go to the thrift shops, goodwills, salvation army stores, etc. just because I never saw the need. I always thought my local thrift shop was full of junk and I figured I could find a good deal on Amazon too. I mean, I am a Prime Member! I get free two day shipping! However, I have found so many books (2 for $1 at my thrift store and between $1-$4 at Goodwill) for my homeschool class and just boks my husband and I have talked about getting but are normally $20 so we just say we will wait…and then we never get them. I have found Kumon books (My first cutting book, etc) never even used at these places! This is great curriculum for your Pre-K or Kindergartener that is normally $7 online..I got it for $.50. So I wanted to share with you all today what I found at my thrift shop this morning (I normally stop by when I see the owner out there to see when he is getting more stuff) for my homeschool classroom and for my collection of medical supplies that I have been gathering. (I believe one can never be too prepared when it comes to medical emergencies. I just feel that in a worst case, shit hits the fan scenario that medical supplies will be worth gold to my family and I…and I can never pass up a bargain!!


A CPR Pocket Resuscitator….because it is a medical thing…and it was $1…why not?!
I almost flipped when I found this in between two dusty picture frames. No tears, no stains, just awesomeness. I thought how perfect it would like in the corner of my class with math manipulative stuff, all of my flash cards, blocks, and who knows what else! Possibilities are endless! From Ikea at least $7…I got it for $0.50..what what?!
No one can ever have enough educational books. If they are around, kids WILL pick them up! IT also helps if you don’t have cable like us and make your kids go outside or do something productive! And…of course..a book for Momma Crab on Gardening! SCORE! The whole lot…….$3.
My “almost cut a back flip” find…two storage totes in perfect condition. All the wheels, all the drawers, no cracks…just need to be sprayed down and cleaned. Normally $10-$15 each..I got them for $5 each. I am probably keeping the black one in my pantry for all of my canning supplies and lids…OMG do I have lids! The other will be in my class for home school supplies:)
My prized possession I almost walked right past..an “old fashioned” blood pressure monitor (I have one from the VA that is electronic and have always found joy in useful things that require no batteries or plug ins!) and stethescope, with misc replacement parts, bag, and directions. I have a stethescope from Wal-mart that was about $5-$7 I think…but I beleive 2 is 1 and 1 is none. I got the whole set for $5. SCORE!

All in all…SUCCESSFUL DAY! $19.50 later I come out with treasure 🙂 Everytime I go to a thrift shop I am always singing Mackelmore’s Thrift Shop song…”they had a broken keyboard, I bought a broken keyboard” and yes….they did have some broken keyboards 🙂

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