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School Bus Rear Deck Progress 3 of 3 & PAINT

Check out our touched up paint job and stencil we added to the bus! We also finished painting the rear deck where we renovated a little. So excited to get on the road and show her off! Advertisements


Bus Conversion/ RV Renovation Rear Deck Progress 2 of 3

Next step is complete! We got the 16 gauge hot rolled steel mounted with 5/8″ long x 3/16″diameter rivets on all 4 sides. Next we have to Grind, degrease, and paint! Now that we enclosed Chitty Bang, she is still secured while on the…

Skoolie Build Rear Deck Renovation 1 of 3

Here is a quick video on how the rear end is coming along. We used a piece of sheet metal and some angle iron and flat bar that we had from the tool box removal. So it is pieced together a bit! We welded…

Skoolie Bus Conversion Tour of Garage and Back Deck Extension & Stabilizer Jacks

Hey all! Here is a video I posted on YouTube a couple of weeks ago on the rear end of Chitty Bang and all the welding we did as rookies lol https://youtu.be/c5SQ5T2GhuI That Hobart 210 MVP really was a hoss! And great for beginners!…

21 Part 4: School Bus Storage Boxes- Finish Work

Now came the time to cover the sides. Chittybang actually sat with her “skirt off” for a month or so I think before we got around to doing the hinges, but it got done! We ordered these piano hinges off of amazon here, made…

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