Services & Prices

Each platform has its own algorithms and best practices for posting consistency and what is posted.
these prices are mostly specific to FB as they have a different algorithms and specs from IG/TikTok/YouTube. If you want more specific prices on those platforms if they are not listed below, Contact me or (512) 831-2809.
you can Also add an “Ad Budget” as that is dependent on how much $$ you want to put into paid ads, if you choose to use them. That money is just to pay the platform for the ad, not me.

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Social Media Services


A “Catered To You” coaching session where we talk about your goals and what you need to do to get there. We go over different strategies for social media, posting content, creating content, organic growth and engagement, hashtags, and more.

Online /Hour$100
In Person /Hour$125

Page Creation/Bio Write Up

  • Set up your basic info/Contact info/Real estate legal stuff to pin/save on the page
  • Write a quick bio for you for About Me (I will ask you questions so I can complete this)
  • Other account setup features per facebook (messaging options for customers, tagging privacies, sharing privacies), IG, YT, TikTok
  • Professional Bio Write Up (500+ words): I will ask you questions so I can complete this.
  • Home Articles/Blog Posts for your website/Social Media-$75-$250 (depending on length and content)
  • Home Descriptions for MLS-$50
Create Page$100
Multiple Pages$75/each
Pro Bio Write Up$50
Blog Articles$75+
MLS Descriptions$50

Social Media Management Tiers

Tier 1: $300/Month per page (or $200 per page for multiple pages)

  • You provide any personal content you want me to use via Dropbox, Google Drive, external drive.
  • Includes posting on holidays as one of the posts in a week.
  • Monthly Analytics Breakdown/Advice based on the numbers/  and Invoice email
  • Custom signature on every post and up to 30 hashtags on each post
  • Reply to comments made on posts
  • Growth: 2 Days a week Following/Unfollowing- Commenting/Liking other people’s accounts/posts/Sharing posts to other groups
  • *3 Facebook Posts a week-Tip Posts/Shared blog articles from other sites and pages related/Your Original provided content (I may edit the photo to clear up or add words to depending on type of post it is)
  • *3 Instagram Posts a week-Tip posts found on other sites or created with your original content provided

Tier 2: $500/Month per page (or $400 per page for multiple pages)

  • Everything from Tier 1 &
  • Stories Posts– 2 days of posting-Shares from relatable pages/new posts on page/community events/relatable content
  • Growth: 3 days a week-Driven Engagement- Following/Unfollowing- Commenting/Liking other people’s accounts/posts/Sharing posts to other groups
  • 5 FB Posts a week
  • 5 IG Posts a week

Tier 3$600/Month (or $500 per page for multiple pages)

  • Everything in Tier 1 & 2 &
  • Training/Coaching: Once a month for an hour
Tier 1$300
Tier 1 Multiple Pages$200/page
Tier 2$500
Tier 2 Multiple Pages$400/page
Tier 3$600
Tier 3 Multiple Pages$500/page

Content Creation

Pictures of Homes for listings:

  •  With 8k phone camera and edits $75 per
  •  With Professional camera and edits $200 for whole home, with drone $250 per session
  • Of You for your Social Media posts (depends on how many you want and which camera $75-$300/session (Outside of Temple/Cove area additional $50)
  • **$125 per session
  • or $600 per month to come to the office or local location of your choice (twice a month) to gather pictures/quick videos and then edit them for social media posts (pictures edited, Graphics, quick videos 90 seconds or less)
  • Contact Me for specific pricing for your needs.


  • Home Tours for buyers:
  • With Professional camera and edits ($200-$500 depending on what you need, quick tour/detailed)
  • With 4k Video Phone Camera (:30 seconds to 3 minutes $75-$150)
  • Of You for Social Media, Promotional videos (pricing varies depending on length needed)

Drone Footage ($200): 2k DGI Drone (original footage-minimum 4 videos taken)


My Equipment

 4k GoPro with Movo Mic for videos, as well as a 4k-8k camera phone, and sometimes my Canon EO5 Rebel T3i, DGI drone 2k. Final Cut Pro, AdobePhotoshop/LightRoom, Filmorago.

What makes me qualified to do this even? I have over 10 years experience writing magazine articles for a variety of online magazines and blogs (Homeschooling, Travel Life, Living Tiny, Minimalism, Items I am selling), as well as writing for my own website

I have been using social media for my businesses and researching the changes for about 8 years now. I manage social media accounts to keep the traffic consistent and the content entertaining or informative. Through my experience using Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as the education I have acquired through courses and research, I have grown my own accounts without paid follows or engagement. I only want unique and real followers, as well as the likes and comments to match. Ads are always a great resource to speed this up, but actual human interaction and reciprocity is always the best way to have a real following for your brand.

I have been working as an Independent contractor for the Ott Group at RE/MAX Homestead since July 2020, as well as for a few other realtors and businesses/organizations in the Central TX area. You can check out some of the videos I have produced on my YT channel below my signature, as well as the links I provided below.

Social Media is more than a way to waste time, people actually shop and research using it. Being on your social media and being seen everyday is a way people can learn about you and learn to trust you, which is always needed in business. Share your personality, what you like, what you don’t like, places you like to go, hobbies you have, restaurants you like. DON’T FORGET TO USE THOSE HASHTAGS!

Let me know what you are interested in and what your budget is and we can see what we can do.






Some Promo videos: