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FREE Social Media Tips You Need To Know NOW

Don’t want to spend the $5 on my new Quick and Dirty Guide? That’s ok. After reading these tips you may change your mind. These are a few of the tips I talk about in detail in my new guide “Social Media Tips You Need to Know” that is for sale right here on my website as a downloadable e-book. It’s definitely not ALL of them, but these tips will get you going in the right direction.
For YEARS I have given out free content on all of my social medias on how to do things, how I did things, how not to do things, and now, more on social media branding and how to be seen in a world where EVERYONE is on social media. How do you not get lost in the sauce? How do you go viral…do you need to? Why aren’t people liking my posts? All answered….in this Quick and Dirty Guide.

Read below for a taste of what you will get with these FREE TIPS!

You need to STOP worrying about how many followers you have. Instead, spend that time creating content that people can use or learn from. There are literally hundreds of videos ANY business owner can create regarding their field. You need to think of yourself as THE EXPERT in YOUR FIELD! Create content with that in mind, and show others that you are “THE GO TO” Guy or Chick for THAT SPECIFIC THING!


IF you are not apart of local groups in your community, as well as nation wide, even world wide groups, in regard to your field where you can answer questions and just be helpful to people, YOU NEED TO DO THAT!

SO What Do You Share? You want to provide valuable content the way YOU would explain it to anyone.

Don’t be scared of imitation! Getting ideas and jumping on the NEXT trending thing is how you get views and to be seen, but the way one person explains it isn’t the way everyone understands it. Explain it your way. Be creative in your way. Set it to the trending music on Tiktok/Reels/YouTube (Yes all 3 are different trending sounds!), and SHARE everywhere!

Don’t ASSUME your audience knows as much as you do in your field. REMEMBER YOU ARE THE EXPERT! SHOW THEM!

 Break it down Barney Style. Start with the basics. Then break those down. Not everyone knows everything and you can’t think of everything. Let your audience give you ideas. What questions do you get a lot? Answer it in a video. Now you can share this to anyone else that asks you this question. This also allows a person to watch and ask that same questions as many times as needed. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t even understand or know the vocabulary about something, I will have a harder time understanding the message.

THEN, Get GOOD at making Videos and other content.

EVERYTHING is moving towards CREATIVITIY over MATH for social media platforms algorithms. People want to be ENTERTAINED (I mention this A LOT through out this book…because it’s FACT.) and they want some good music to listen to. I would like for my generation to step up and get credit for this because DAMN we had some good music in the 90s and grew up on the classics of 50s-80s…maybe this is a self-proclamation, but it’s my book…so I am doing it LOL! Even pictures are being turned into REELS on Instagram, which used to be JUST for pretty pictures. We say, ENTERTAIN ME. MAKE ME LAUGH. Pull on my emotions. THAT is where you will see a lot of your traffic coming from because EVERY platform is moving to video. And not just some long drawn out TEDTALK, They want Quick, fast information….and maybe even an autotune, because that makes everything hilarious. Let your CREATIVE side go!

Did you know your phone (if it’s no more than 5 or 6 years old)  has a GREAT camera with settings that are beyond the DEFAULT come with your phone setting. Get in there! There is a front camera PRO video and PRO Photo quality option that could go to 8k (as of now). The editing features even have the main adjustments any person can make to their photos and videos.

Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia) preaches that the world of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is converting…or already has to a “TikTokification” way of consuming information. He isn’t lying. People consume more videos than anything and our attention spans are getting shorter. The Average viewing was 7 seconds for most people…2 years ago it was 14 seconds. Which means, you need to find a way to deliver content and your call to action faster. The next change happening is how we buy products. How many times have you seen something being marketed to you that you clicked on? The video was intriguing enough…maybe even without the sound….so you had to click on to see “What in the hell is going on?” Or “What in the hell are they talking about?” And THAT is the HOOK. They got you to click.

AND THAT is where the CALL TO ACTION comes in. What is a Call to Action? A CTA is the action I want my audience to do with this content. Share it. Tag a friend. Click the link. Call the number. Email me. Save the video. Like the video. Follow for more. You have to SAY IT!

ENGAGE. ENGAGE. ENGAGE. Using Gary Vee’s $1.80 RULE is a great way to start getting engagement on your platforms. LET ME EXPLAIN: Go to the search bar of the platform you are working on, and search the top 10 hashtags in your niche. Each hashtag search will show you the top performing creators’ posts. On the top 9 posts that are showing, leave your $.02 cents on each!

LIKE VIDEOS FOR YOUR INFO? Check my EVER UPDATING YOUTUBE PLAYLIST of ANY Social Media ADVICE I have already given out FOR FREE in detail here!

That was JUST A TASTE of the tips I have for you in my Quick and Dirty Guide! I go into way more detail and have way more tips….in only 35 pages! Invest in yourself. it is YOUR BRAND! Contact me with any questions you have or for personal coaching/ social media management/ content creation!
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