Solar Schematic



Here is my very basic schematic of our solar setup and the supply list. Click this Bus Build Supply Link for links to all of the parts below!

I was very fortunate to have HANDYBOB SOLAR here on WORDPRESS help me design and tweak my system all over the phone and over a period of months. I gathered the main parts, and started drawing the design…over and over and over….until I got it right, THANKS BOB! Then I collected all of the fuses and wires and connections and I was off to the races. Our solar setup worked successfully for 3.5 years, and continues to work to this day! We had to maintain the batteries every few months, cleaning and filling with distilled water, as well as clean the solar panels for it all to work 100% efficiently.

What I used:

4- 275Watt Solar World- Solar Panels
Self Leveling Sealant for Mounts
Z Mounting Brackets
MC 4 Cables
MC4 Connectors
Renogy Branch Connectors
Solar Cable 100’
Connector Tool/Crimper
Disconnector/Assembly tool
Combiner Box: I made mine with a bus bar- and a junction box that I found at a True Value Hardware Store but I made it myself out of parts.
Inverter: Magnum ME2012
Inverter Remote Panel: Magnum ME-RC 50
Solar Charger: Morningstar TS-MPPT-60 TriStar
Tristar Digital Meter for Solar Charger
Remote Temperature Sensor
Battery Monitor: Bogart Engineering TriMetric TM-2030
*4 CROWN CR275 Batteries
Disconnect Switch
Fuse Holder for Inverter

You can go to our Bus Build Supplies page for amazon links to a lot of these products!

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