• What??! I passed with flying colors…did you go to the reference links i put at the end and use those. I just consolidated them all but it’s the same answers from the reddit sight just with all the comments with answers added. You just keep clicking the X not next and you can keep changing your answers so you never fail. You just change your answers.

    • Oh that sucks! I just copied these from the reddit article and then just dont hit continue, keept hitting x to get out of the final submission and you should be able to change your answers from there. They may have updated the answers since I posted this….

  1. Do you know if the changed the TESOL? It never even gave me a next option, or didn’t tell me how many I got wrong, then it was too late. Also there are now 4 modules?

    • Hello Linsey…I did see a notice that they wer eending the TESOL or changing it a few months back..but I don’t have access to the new version. I will update my article to let people know these are for the old TESOL…apparently they have updated it. REDDIT had all of these answers..i just copied them all here. I wonder if they caught on? lol

  2. Never…..ever…..weld that frame. That frame is now compromised and could crack anytime where that weld is.

    • Thanks for commenting! We also heard this when we were contemplating it, but after speaking with a friend who also does a lot of different types of auto builds and body work, as well as another person who does a lot of welding on 18 wheeler rigs, they gave us the approval and did the first 2 boxes for us, since it was our first time stick welding. Honestly, there are so many manufactured holes in the frame already, someone could even just bolt to it. WE just couldn’t get them to line up when looking it all over. I think this is one of those things that you get a lot of conflicting info on when building a bus. We were told not to do a metal ceiling bc it would rattle and leak, neither of those things happened either. I think if you have the proper guidance or mentors, you can do a lot…but general rule of thumb is don’t do it unless you know. After speaking with those 2 guys, for us, we felt comfortable to do it. I really do appreciate the comment though. It helps people see how people differ on builds and methods.

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