• What??! I passed with flying colors…did you go to the reference links i put at the end and use those. I just consolidated them all but it’s the same answers from the reddit sight just with all the comments with answers added. You just keep clicking the X not next and you can keep changing your answers so you never fail. You just change your answers.

    • Oh that sucks! I just copied these from the reddit article and then just dont hit continue, keept hitting x to get out of the final submission and you should be able to change your answers from there. They may have updated the answers since I posted this….

  1. Do you know if the changed the TESOL? It never even gave me a next option, or didn’t tell me how many I got wrong, then it was too late. Also there are now 4 modules?

    • Hello Linsey…I did see a notice that they wer eending the TESOL or changing it a few months back..but I don’t have access to the new version. I will update my article to let people know these are for the old TESOL…apparently they have updated it. REDDIT had all of these answers..i just copied them all here. I wonder if they caught on? lol

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