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Follow our adventures with preparing and starting homes chool for the 2014 and beyond school year!

DIY Cloud Identifier Project

This past week in our Homeschool Science Lab, we have talked about the clouds and how if you can identify them, you can pretty much predict the weather! It definitely worked for us! I have to admit I was actually excited about the cloud…


Homeschool- Our First 2 Month’s Journey

What A Learning Experience! After we figured out why we wanted to homeschool and when we would be ready, we had to physically do it. So we did. 🙂 The plan was to sell our home, start homeschooling and travel. We would begin looking…

Homeschooling- When We Decided We Were Ready

Homeschooling. I won’t even waste my time going over all of the stereotypes. You are probably thinking of one right now. I have to say that I have gone from being totally against it, to being so excited about it I find it hard…

Why I am a Thrift Shop Junkie

I used to never go to the thrift shops, goodwills, salvation army stores, etc. just because I never saw the need. I always thought my local thrift shop was full of junk and I figured I could find a good deal on Amazon too….

Homeschool-Growing Our Classroom

My husband and I have been thinking of homeschooling for a while. I was slightly against it because I thought that my kids would be these weird social outcasts…terrible stereotypes! So, after my third grader came home (We will call her Razzy, 8) and…

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