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The Crab’s Homestead blog is a collaboration of all of our family’s how-to’s that we have learned over the last 10 years of homesteading and then becoming minimalists. It began with our passion to live more self sufficiently, being aware of what we eat, what we feed our children, the chemicals around us everyday, and how we can teach our children to be more self reliant. We have tried Aquaponics, Raising Rabbits, Incubating and raising Chickens & Tukeys, Building Fences, Building things in general, Canning, Processing Our Own Food, Homeschooling, Making Money through side hustles and other creative methods we are happy to share with everyone, Gardening, Podcasting, Reselling, Workamping while traveling, Roadschooling, Content Creation, Social Media Management, and so much more. Through set backs and many “re-do’s” we are inventing, discovering, learning, and researching our way through websites, books, and our own personal experience in the small homesteaders way of life. We are here to share our experiences and journey with you to show you there is another way to live that doesn’t include checking the normal society’s boxes. You CAN do it a different way! Sometimes you just need to see that it CAN be done. Well…welcome:)
Thanksgiving 2014, Granger, TX
Thanksgiving 2020, Belton, TX

We finally decided to buy a 1999 Flat Nose International School Bus and convert it into a Tiny House/ Skoolie in 2015-2016.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Day 1 1999 Genesis International DT466/Allison Transmission 250,000 Miles/Great Shape Price $4,700
Chitty Bang
1999 Genesis International
DT466/Allison Transmission
250,000 Miles/Great Shape
Price $4,700
We hit the road November 2016 and traveled from West TX, to Central TX, to East. TX, Back to West TX, Up to 4 Corners, Up through Utah, over to Oregon, up to Seattle, Washington, Down through Oregon Coast, to the Redwoods of California, down to Arizona, and back to Central Texas May 2020.
4 months Living Tiny-East TX-January 2017
1 Year 4 months Living Tiny: Arizona: March 2018
2.5 years Living Tiny Sierra Vista, AZ 2019- The Crabs, Micio, and Mila the Mastiff (RIP March 2022)
Chitty Bang June 2022
Once COVID hit, things got weird. People got weird, and we had to rely on ourselves for a permanent spot to park. After a family meeting, the kids decided they were ready for a house again for their own space! By now they are 15 and 12. We learned a lot in Bus Life. We paid off debts, managed businesses, played the stocks, traveled, lived, fought, cried, and loved in this 297 sqft of space. We decided to buy a home and use Chitty Bang for weekend camping…which we never did. So we listed her for sale and she Sold to a great couple from Oregon June 2022 to start some new adventures. They are keeping the name ChittyBang for anyone wanting to follow!
For now, we are sharing all of our adventures living outside the city limits in Central Texas, homesteading again, gardening, and doing what we do best…LIVING DIFFERENT!
2019, AZ

Ryon & Morgan are high school sweethearts (April 2002) and have been Married for 19 years (Est. October 2003). They live in Central TX with their two daughters, Rion and Laila, and Micio, their ginger cat. They have homesteaded for 10 years, lived tiny for over 3.5 years, homeschooling over 8 years (their eldest just graduated high school), investing 5 years in crypto and stocks, and enjoying the experiences along their journey. Ryon is a Retired Sergeant of the U.S. Army, Combat Infantryman, and has a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Business. Morgan works as as a social media manager and content creator for individuals and businesses, a coach for the same jobs and L I F E, online via their website, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Management. 

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  1. I love what you’re doing with your bus, your family, and your children’s schooling. I live in Germany, where I’ve work with the military for 5 years. In April I flew to England, bought a double-decker bus, drove it onto a ship bound for Rotterdam, then drove it across to Germany. My wife helped me remove all the seats and now I’m fixing little things here and there getting it ready for the stricter German vehicle inspection standards. Insurance was easy here – about $280/year as a motorhome, even though it’s still a double-decker bus. As soon as it has all the basic requirments (plumbing, kitchen, etc.) we’ll move into it full time and continue the conversion. I eventually plan to take it back to Central Texas and put it on some acreage. Driving in the right seat is fun. Driving a double-decker bus is a lot more fun. Working on this huge project together is priceless!

    • That is amazing! I think a lot of people are moving to a more minimalistic lifestyle. I loved my big house but not the debt we had to go into to get it, and we wanted more land. Typical American, always wanting more:) but I see the benefits of skoolie living for a bit until we figure out where we want to stay and until we can build a house debt free, even if it is done step by step as we get the money. It’ll be ours! Good luck with your conversion! Skoolie Converters on Facebook has been amazingly helpful! You should check it out if you haven’t already! Cheers:)

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