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Stage 19: Floor Prep 2- Laying PLywood


After the insulation job was done, we moved onto laying the plywood down! More construction and building up! Again to save on head room we went with 3/4″ plywood..or possibly a little thinner than that. We used wood screws, finally, to screw the pieces into the wood furring strips. The hardest part was cutting around the wheel wells and in the front of the bus. Also, the bus is not exactly 8′ wide so one side of the bus it was super easy laying down the 4′ wide by 8′ long plywood, but the other side had to be cut a few inches to fit nicely.

Even had a little helper…Homeschool Woodshop 101!
Just how I like my men; Shirtless, Bearded, and wearing a tool belt 😀
Construction zone…what what?!
The difficult last bit!
The pic explains itself really 🙂
Plywood Doneskies!
Plywood Back to Front

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